As the world's first humanoid universal robot, we possess the capability to solve some of the most significant challenges on our planet.

Introducing ALITA-AI

We bring robots to life

Inspired by the futuristic world artificial intelligence in the Alita Battle Angel films, it is based on the study of human emotions and aims to make her more understanding of human needs, not only to protect humans in battle, but also to be a close companion of humans in peacetime. So it can answer almost any question, and even more rarely, it can even suggest what questions to ask!


Unique advantages

The unique and fundamental advantage is that it understands the world in real-time through the Alita platform.

  • Purpose

    Gather feedback and make sure we're building AI tools that will benefit all of humanity the most

  • Research and innovation

    Become a powerful research assistant for anyone, helping them quickly access relevant information, process data, and come up with new ideas

  • Excellent performance

    Trained a prototype LLM with 33 billion parameters (Alita-0)

Enrich our quality of life


Chat with Alita

You can now display an image in Alita's chat and start chatting. Investigate why the grill won't start, explore the contents of the refrigerator to plan meals, or analyze complex graphs for work-related data.

AI re-creation

Simply describe it in Alita to create an image. Invent new logos, comics, and realistic scenes directly in the chat. You can turn your ideas into reality with our most powerful image model, Alita-1.

Voice dialogue

You can now talk back and forth with Alita using voice. Talk to it anytime, anywhere, tell your family a bedtime story, or resolve an argument at the dinner table.

Vision and purpose

Team Leaders

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Team leader

Check out our journey

ALITA Platform Roadmap

A given year

Phase 1 2022

  • Alita Lab was established in February
  • Set up Alita-X robot development team in March
  • Data training of Alita-0.5 primary large model was completed in September

Phase 2 2023

  • Completed Alita robot model construction in July
  • Alita-1 large model training was officially completed in August
  • The test network was released in September, and users can interact with each other
  • October Alita-AI embedded neural network system, and AlitaSwap market interface to develop exclusive encryption robots
  • On December 21, platform token ALITA was launched

Phase 3 2024

  • AlitaSwap launched in January
  • In September, the first support the ETH/BSC/AVAX/Polygon/Arb/Opt/FTM across the chain
  • Added Solana/Terra/Cosmos Hub/Osmosis and other cross-chains in December

Phase 4 2025

  • The whole chain cross-chain was opened in February
  • Launched a co-branded Visa card in partnership with Xpay in May, allowing Alita to store and spend
  • In August, Alita intelligent AI home robot was launched online, creating a consensus mechanism model of dialogue mining
  • Alita quantitative robot was launched in October
  • The main network test network was released in November
  • Alita full-chain blockchain browser launched in December

Phase 5 2026

  • January main network launched: full chain DEX, full chain NFT, full chain game, full chain DAO, full chain lending, full chain income aggregator
  • In March, stablecoin AUSD was issued
  • In April, Web3 multi-chain wallet was launched
Some support

Our Partners

AlitaLabs announced the launch of the ALITA spot holding system.
Recently, AlitaLabs announced the launch of the ALITA spot holding system, which provides users with interest-free loan amounts ranging from 100 to 500 USDT. Through ALITA-ai facial recognition KYC verification, users can easily obtain loans. Users who have the platform hold ALITA spot can trade at any time. The applicable conditions include being between 18 and 45 years old.
In addition, users can receive 30% profit settlement in transactions, and if an order incurs a loss, users do not need to bear any losses. Similarly, users who purchase ALITA spot with USDT can enjoy the same 30% profit, and their principal is safe, so they will not lose their principal even if they incur losses.
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