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Alita-AI is a platform dedicated to building the Web3.0 world's first seamless expansion of the full chain ecosystem, the first ecosystem of the platform is AlitaSwap.

It makes cross-chain liquidity transfer a seamless single transaction process, where users and Dapps can transfer native assets across the chain while accessing the protocol's unified liquidity pool, instantly guaranteeing finality.

Easy mining

LP Miner

Introducing the world's pioneering "lossless trading" mechanism, employing a distinctive trading mode to ensure a controlled spiral in the currency price.

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All token prices have a set of independent calculation formulas, and the unique charm of the mechanism can achieve fully automatic control.

Earn passive income using cryptocurrencies

AlitaSwap makes it easier for your cryptocurrency to work for you

AlitaLabs announced the launch of the ALITA spot holding system.
Recently, AlitaLabs announced the launch of the ALITA spot holding system, which provides users with interest-free loan amounts ranging from 100 to 500 USDT. Through ALITA-ai facial recognition KYC verification, users can easily obtain loans. Users who have the platform hold ALITA spot can trade at any time. The applicable conditions include being between 18 and 45 years old.
In addition, users can receive 30% profit settlement in transactions, and if an order incurs a loss, users do not need to bear any losses. Similarly, users who purchase ALITA spot with USDT can enjoy the same 30% profit, and their principal is safe, so they will not lose their principal even if they incur losses.
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