Alita-AI The first ecological AlitaSwap

With the advent of the Internet era, finance has completely penetrated into all aspects of people's lives, and the financial system has become ubiquitous in today's society. From PC Internet to mobile Internet, and then to the new era of blockchain, the development of science and technology is changing with each passing day, and the new revolutionary power of blockchain is changing human life. The development of blockchain technology has brought the prosperity of blockchain assets, and since the birth of Bitcoin, the number of currencies in the world has exceeded tens of thousands.

Recently, AlitaSwap, a one-stop digital financial service platform, was quietly established and has attracted wide attention from the industry. According to official sources, AlitaSwap is the first ecosystem dedicated to building the first seamless expansion platform of the full chain ecosystem in the Web3.0 world, which makes cross-chain liquidity transfer a seamless single transaction process, users and Dapps can transfer native assets across the chain, while accessing the unified liquidity pool of the protocol, instantly guaranteeing finality. AlitaSwap's original Launchpad solution addresses the issues of low mobility, security and accessibility in the Defi space, providing an unprecedented incubation environment for start-up crypto projects. Give users enough sense of security to build a reliable large-scale financial technology and digital currency service platform.

AlitaSwap was jointly built by many investment institutions in the early stage, including Web3.0 core technology, multi-chain technology, crypto social, crypto wallet, cryptocurrency trading, Launchpad, NFT casting and trading, meta-universe ecology, blockchain games and DAO community autonomy in one of the decentralized comprehensive aggregation trading platform. AlitaSwap will serve the majority of global users who support digital asset trading, and aims to help people exchange digital assets securely, reliably, and decentralized. At the same time, AlitaSwap will use blockchain encryption technology, and based on DAO co-construction and sharing, will integrate a series of key Web 3.0 functions into practical applications, and is committed to building the world's leading decentralized aggregate trading platform.

As the world's leading one-stop digital financial service platform, AlitaSwap will serve most of the global users who support digital asset trading in the future, and promote quickly in major communities, so that more users can enjoy the dividends of Alita's development. Let AlitaSwap ecological players through the commission dividend, digital asset trading, pledge mining incentives, multiple high-quality token appreciation, so that users to obtain multiple benefits and form a high degree of consensus, at the same time, AlitaSwap will later online lending, NFT asset trading and other multi-element ecology, actively strive to be the pioneer of the future digital asset trading platform, innovation driven. Cross-border integration, AlitaSwap and you to build a digital ecosystem.

Alita Launchpad

As the rumors of a Bitcoin spot ETF intensified, the price of bitcoin returned to its May 2022 high, and the crypto market also showed a "young spring" scene. Various tokens rallied, and according to Glassnode's blockchain data analysis, crypto market funds saw their first net flow in more than a year via stablecoins or dollar-pegged tokens. In addition, the net supply of the four major stablecoins, USDT, USDC, BUSD and DAI, also turned positive, further indicating the trend of funds flowing into the market. This phenomenon has occurred for the first time since the collapse of Terra in mid-May 2022. With the recovery of the crypto market, the entire crypto industry and CEX track situation is also changing. For a long time, investors have maintained a high degree of interest and recognition of this investment method. Whether in the stock market or cryptocurrency, subscrising to new projects is seen as an opportunity for higher returns, which some even refer to as "risk-free returns." IEO mode has become the most popular new mode for current users because of its low risk and low threshold of participation. By participating in the IEO, investors can more easily access and invest in promising cryptocurrency projects, while also reducing some of the investment risk. Alita inherited this new law by launching the "Alita Launchpad," a platform that brings the IPO model of the traditional stock market to the cryptocurrency space.

Quality project incubation

In the current situation, many other swaps lack a strict incubation audit system, leading to the emergence of a large number of dishonest, fraudulent, runaway and other inferior projects in the market, disrupting the entire market order and causing huge losses to transactions and investors. Therefore, AlitaSwap is committed to solving problems such as the proliferation of poor quality projects in order to maintain market order and protect the rights and interests of traders. Tokens issued on AlitaSwap will require the use of Alita as collateral in order to incubate tokens and deploy trading pairs on AlitaSwap. In this way, we will screen and incubate only quality projects with strong qualifications and effectively filter out inferior projects, thus ensuring the sustainable and safe development of the market. Since its launch, Alita Launchpad has launched several cryptocurrency projects, many of which have shown great potential, making Alita Launchpad a preferred strategy for investors.

AlitaSwap hopes to take this opportunity to link users and crypto enthusiasts from different regions around the world and promote the continuous growth and expansion of the crypto asset ecosystem. At the same time, AlitaSwap also hopes to learn more international experience and further accelerate the pace of market development on a global scale. Let Alita become a decentralized aggregate trading platform that everyone can participate in, participate in, and contribute to.

AlitaLabs announced the launch of the ALITA spot holding system.
Recently, AlitaLabs announced the launch of the ALITA spot holding system, which provides users with interest-free loan amounts ranging from 100 to 500 USDT. Through ALITA-ai facial recognition KYC verification, users can easily obtain loans. Users who have the platform hold ALITA spot can trade at any time. The applicable conditions include being between 18 and 45 years old.
In addition, users can receive 30% profit settlement in transactions, and if an order incurs a loss, users do not need to bear any losses. Similarly, users who purchase ALITA spot with USDT can enjoy the same 30% profit, and their principal is safe, so they will not lose their principal even if they incur losses.
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